Saturday, October 1, 2016

Night Log 2016-09-30

SA: Marissa
SO: Veronica
Others: Enrico, Jono (popped by)


Clear night with great seeing. This afternoon we spotted a family of Meerkats (mongoose) foraging on-site and tonight our on-sky endeavours were dominated by high priority Meerkat (radio telescope array) collaborative science.

Data taken for:

2016-1-SCI-039 P0 RSS (Observing unusual binaries containing a massive blue star and a hydrogen burning white dwarf)
2016-1-MLT-010 P0 RSS (x2) (Follow up observations of transient sources)
2016-1-SCI-022 P1 RSS (x10) (Searching for high redshift quasars for the MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey (MALS))
2015-2-MLT-004 P1 RSS (Unraveling ring galaxies)

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