Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Night Log 2016-05-10

SA: Marissa
SO: Veronica
Others: Enrico, Alexei


Humidity roller-coaster tonight, but the seeing was very good.

Data taken for:

2016-1-MLT-007 P0 RSS (Observations of supernovae, near and far.)
2016-1-SCI-015 P1 RSS (Identifying new ultracompact binary star systems through their spectral characteristics)
2016-1-SCI-061 P1 RSS (x2) (Study of ionized gas in galaxies where the centers are obscured by dust.)
2016-1-SCI-044 P1 RSS (x2) (Search for symbiotic stars in a dwarf galaxy NGC6822.)
2016-1-SCI-060 P1 RSS (Connecting timescales of star formation and AGN activity in galaxies)
2016-1-SCI-033 P1 RSS (Investigating the activity state of the changing look AGN HE1136-2304)
2016-1-SCI-034 P1 RSS (Line profile variations in PKS 2135-14)
2016-1-SCI-038 P2 RSS (Spectra of all variable White Dwarfs observed in the Kelpler K2 survey)
2016-1-SCI-012 P2 HRS (Revealing evolved massive stars with Spitzer, WISE and SALT)
2016-1-MLT-002 P3 HRS (Analysis of metallicity gradient and local chemical composition heterogeneity in the Galactic disk)

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