Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Night Log 2016-02-29

SA: Brent
SO: Fred
Others: Tim-Oliver, Taka and colleagues


A productive night with a few weird software quirks in the morning due to leap day. Data taken for:

2015-2-SCI-030 P2 RSS (x2) (Searching for high redshift quasars for the MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey (MALS))
2015-2-SCI-019 P2 RSS (x2) (Searching for binaries in unusual central stars of planetary nebulae )
2015-2-SCI-035 P3 RSS (Identifying new ultracompact binary star systems through their spectral characteristics)
2015-2-SCI-046 P3 RSS (A spectral study on low-mass T Tauri stars in the high mass star forming regions RCW 34 and NGC 2626)
2015-2-SCI-026 P3 RSS (Probing the time variability of QSO absorption line)
2015-2-SCI-056 P4 HRS (x4) (Tracing the chemical history of our galaxy)

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