Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Night Log 2015-11-02

SA: Marissa
SO: Fred


First data for semester 2015-2 taken in sub-arcsecond seeing during the first part of a beautifully clear, freezing night. Unfortunately our productive start was cut short by high humidity after midnight.

Data taken for:

2015-2-SCI-040 P0 RSS (SALT ToO observation)
2015-2-SCI-036 P1 RSS (Spectrophotometry of Magellanic symbiotic stars)
2015-2-SCI-008 P1 HRS (Determining the period of a multi-periodic pulsating binary system.)
2015-2-SCI-018 P1 HRS (Evolved binaries in the Magellanic Clouds)
2015-2-SCI-054 P1 HRS (Exploring the limits of HRS for measuring Exoplanet Radial Velocities)
2015-2-SCI-003 P1 HRS (Determining the distances to massive dusty stars that may be emitting microwave lasers)

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