Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Night Log 2015-09-22

SA: Brent
SO: Veronica
Others: Elias and Sudhanshu


A frustrating night with a lot of regular thick clouds interrupting all attempts at observing during middle of night. Managed to get some data at start and end of night for:

2015-1-SCI-011 P2 RSS (Searching the Milky Way for symbiotic stars)
2015-1-SCI-052 P2 RSS (Finding the redshift and ionization of WISE-selected QSOs)
2015-1-SCI-013 P2 HRS (Evolved binaries in the Magellanic Clouds )
2015-1-SCI-017 P3 SCAM (Observations of evolved massive stars revealed with Spitzer and WISE)

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