Sunday, August 16, 2015

Night Log 2015-08-15

SA: Paul
SO: Veronica


- Had a productive evening. The weather was good and the seeing was around 1.5'' for most of the night. Minor tech issues, no show stoppers.

2015-1-SCI-016 P1 RSS (RINGS: The RSS Imaging spectroscopy Nearby Galaxy Survey)
2015-1-SCI-039 P1 RSS (DIBs in emission)
2015-1-DDT-004 P1 SCAM (Chararcterising the optical counterpart to a distance Galactic X-ray binary)
2015-1-SCI-011 P2 RSS (Searching the Milky Way for symbiotic stars)
2015-1-SCI-034 P2 RSS (Gas dynamics in NGC300 and NGC4945)
2015-1-MLT-003 P4 RSS (x2) (We aim to study a number of candidate ultracool objects, which should include new brown dwarfs.)

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