Saturday, July 11, 2015

Night Log 2015-07-10

SA: Paul
SO: Thea


- Managed to get some observations done tonight. Observations were cut short by high wind and cloud later on.

2015-1-MLT-004 P0 RSS (Deriving the mass of the central super-massive black hole in the core of active galaxies)
2015-1-SCI-025 P1 RSS (Trying to confirm existence of new dwarf Galaxy )
2015-1-SCI-004 P2 RSS (Study the HII regions of the Local Group galaxy NGC6822)
2015-1-SCI-009 P2 HRS (Pulsations of the Extreme Helium Star BX Cir)
2015-1-SCI-022 P3 HRS (Spectroscopy of the evolved binary star DY Cen)

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