Monday, June 22, 2015

Night Log 2015-06-21

SA: �ric
SO: Fred
Others: Damien


We received a notice at the beginning of the night, to inform us that the observations we did on one high priority object yesterday allowed the astronomer to determine the type of the supernova we observed. It is a Type Ia. Great to see results coming so fast after we do the observations!

Another very productive night. No downtime whatsoever.
We could gather data for the following programs:
2015-1-MLT-004 P0 RSS (x2) (Deriving the mass of the central super-massive black hole in the core of active galaxies)
2015-1-SCI-070 P1 HRS (x2) (High resolution spectroscopic abundance measurements of RGBs in NGC 6681 (M70))
2015-1-DDT-002 P1 RSS (SALT DDT Observation of an unusual eclipsing white dwarf binary)
2015-1-SCI-002 P1 HRS (Determining the distances to massive dusty stars that may be emitting microwave lasers)
2015-1-SCI-041 P1 RSS (x2) (Superwinds in luminous starburst galaxies)
2015-1-SCI-018 P2 HRS (Accretion in Young Binary Star Systems)
2015-1-SCI-012 P2 RSS (x3) (Searching for high redshift quasars for the MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey (MALS))
2015-1-SCI-022 P3 HRS (Spectroscopy of the evolved binary star DY Cen)
2015-1-SCI-021 P3 RSS (Connecting QSO absorption line systems with the associated galaxies)

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