Thursday, March 12, 2015

Night Log 2015-03-11

SA: Luke
SO: Veronica
Others: Keith and Janus remotely


Opened late due to rain and closed early due to high humidity. In the meantime performed SAMS mirror alignment tests, 1x P2 time-critical observation with slotmode SALTICAM and 3x P3 observations with RSS longslit spectroscopy. Also a full compliment of RSS and HRS lamp calibrations.

Data taken for:

2014-1-MLT-003 P2 SCAM (Observe the accretion disc as a white dwarf, neutron star or black hole gobbles up a companion.)
2014-2-SCI-060 P3 RSS (x3) (Searching for binaries in unusual central stars of planetary nebulae)

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