Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Night Log 2015-01-13

SA: Luke
SO: Veronica
Others: Alexei for handover


A patchy night with an attempt at a P0 ToO target with contemporaneous Hubble observation of V445 Puppis right after twilight, before closing due to high humidity (conditions also cloudy with strong winds making good mirror alignment difficult). Re-opened later for a P1 and P4 target, only to be closed by humidity again.

Data taken for:

2014-2-SCI-036 P0 RSS (Studying the long-term evolution of the unique helium nova V445 Puppis)
2014-2-SCI-023 P1 RSS (Time variabilility of the broad absorption line QSOs.)
2014-1-MLT-007 P4 RSS (Long term monitoring of circumstellar disk in Be X-ray binaries)

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