Sunday, December 21, 2014

Night Log 2014-12-20

SA: David
SO: Thea
Others: Luke and Emma (in training)


Another great night, clear & calm.

Science programs for:
2014-2-MLT-005 P0 RSS (Deriving the mass of the central super-massive black hole in the core of active galaxies)
2014-2-SCI-002 P1 HRS (x2) (The black matter probe using the interstellar gas)
2014-2-SCI-017 P1 RSS (Optical preparatory survey for Cold HI 21-cm Absorption Line Survey (CHITALS))
2014-2-SCI-032 P1 RSS (Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Distant Star Forming Galaxies)
2014-2-SCI-074 P1 SCAM (Observations of Dwarf Novae in the Large Magellanic Cloud)
2014-2-SCI-031 P1 RSS (Redshift determination of newly confirmed galaxy clusters)

Eng test for SAMS

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