Saturday, November 22, 2014

Night Log 2014-11-21

SA: Petri
SO: Fred
Others: Steve, Keith


The dark night started out well with RSS and good seeing, then hit
technical issues, and some clouds, but latter half of the night went
smoothly again with HRS only and skies clearing.
Data for:
2014-2-MLT-005 P0 RSS (Deriving the mass of the central super-massive black hole in the core of active galaxies)
2014-2-SCI-062 P2 RSS (Studying a post-starburst galaxy with unusual [O III] emission lines - an ionized galactic wind?)
2014-2-SCI-020 P2 HRS (HRS observations of planetary nebulae and spectra of dwarf tidal galaxies.)
2014-2-SCI-022 P2 HRS (x2) (Anchoring the extragalactic distance scale with an LMC eclipsing binary star)

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