Monday, October 27, 2014

Night Log 2014-10-26

SA: Brent
SO: Thea
Others: Marissa, Bruno


A clear dark night with plenty of HRS science and a nice BVIT observation. Data taken for:

2014-2-COM-001 P1 BVIT (Looking for optical pulsations from pulsars)
2014-1-POL_RSA_AMNH-001 P1 HRS (x2) (Looking for evidence of massive white dwarfs in symbiotic novae)
2014-1-DC-005 P1 HRS (Determining the masses of the eclipsing binary UV Psc)
2014-1-HET_OTH-002 P2 HRS (To determine if C enhanced Metal-poor stars without heavy element enhancement is due to binarity.)
2014-1-UNC-001 P2 HRS (Emission line kinematics of RESOLVE galaxies for tracing dark matter)
2014-1-POL-001 P2 HRS (Searching for circumbinary planets)
2014-1-COM-003 P4 HRS (Study of narrow absorption lines in quasars.)

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