Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Night Log 2014-07-07

SA: �ric
SO: Veronica


Quite a productive night. A bit of struggle in the middle of the night, due to humidity, but overall, a good night, with reasonnable seeing.
Data taken for:

2014-1-DDT-001 P1 RSS [Very strong X-ray outburst in HE 1136-2304]
2014-1-POL-004 P3 RSS [Spectra of faint Planetary Nebulae to study chemical composition.]
2014-1-RSA-003 P3 RSS [Studying brown dwarfs and the coolest stars]
2014-1-RSA_POL-001 P3 RSS [Searching the galaxy for new symbiotic stars] x2
2014-1-RSA-005 P2 RSS [Determining the fraction of Luminous Red Galaxies in merging pairs] x2
2014-1-UNC-001 P1 RSS [Emission line kinematics of RESOLVE galaxies for tracing dark matter]

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