Monday, February 10, 2014

Night Log 2014-02-09

SA: Petri
SO: Thea
Others: Steve


A remarkably steady photometric night, with good to
excellent seeing, after midnight it stayed put between
1.0-1.2". This resulted in a rare case of spending nearly all
the night doing imaging, with a little engineering test at
first and a couple of short spectroscopy blocks in addition.
Science data for:

2013-2-UC-001 x6 (hours of continuing varible search in a globular cluster)
2013-2-UKSC-010 (studying gas around host-stars of exo-jupiters)
2013-2-RSA_OTH-011 (watching an eclipse in an interacting binary star)
2013-2-RSA_RU_UC_UKSC-001 (measuring distances to gravitational lenses)
2013-2-RSA-005 (detecting movements inside planetary nebulae)

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