Monday, November 11, 2013

SALT Science Day

Here are the talks from the SALT science day being hosted at North West University in Mafeking.   I'll be updating these throughout the dat

SALT Science Day:
Status updates and recent science results Monday, 11 November 2013
Senate Suite, North West University, Mafikeng

Session 1
Chair: Mike Shara
  1. Welcome & opening remarks
  2. Overview & statistics for 2013 Semester 1 (D. Buckley)
  3. Results from RSS commissioning tasks (A. Schröder)
  4. Status of the SALT proposal tools (C. Hettlage)
  5. Updates to the SALT Science Pipeline (S. Crawford)
  6. SALT scheduling software (B. Miszalski)
  7. Telescope throughput & fringing (P . Väisänen)
    Coffee Break
Session 2
Chair: David Buckley

  1. SALT observations of Circinus X-1 and SXP1062 (M. Schurch)
  2. SALT Spectra of Gravitationally Lensed Herschel Systems (L. Leeuw)
  3. LIRGs with RSS (P . Väisänen)
  4. RESOLVE with SALT (L. Naluminsa) 
  5. Dissecting the most massive galaxies using SALT (I. Loubser)
  6. Star formation histories of Lenticular galaxies (S. Barway) 
  7. Studies of Emission-line stars and HII-Galaxies with SALT (A. Kniazev)
  8. Preliminary SALT results of kinematics and stellar populations of dEs
    located in the Fornax cluster (J. Mentz)

Session 3
Chair: Ted Williams

  1. Science results from Dartmouth (B. Chaboyer)
  2. Observing Faint SNe from the Dark Energy Survey (S. Crawford)
  3. Science results from Rutgers (J. Hughes)
  4. Science results from AMNH (M. Shara)
  5. Science results from UW (E. Wilcots)
  6. Science results from IUCAA (A. Srianand)
  7. Nature of the Gamma-ray Transient Nova Sco 2012 (Shaw)
  8. Science results from Poland (M. Sarna)
    Coffee Break
Session 4
Chair: Brian Chaboyer

  1. SALT observations of symbiotic stars and related objects (B. Miszalski)
  2. Update of SALT observations of new SNRs in the SMC (D. Buckley)
  3. Science results from University of Göttingen (W. Kollatschny)
  4. Science results from University of Canterbury (M. Albrow) 
  5. Science results from UNC (C. Clemens) 
  6. Science results from HET (L. Ramsey) 
  7. Update on the Cerenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project (I. Loubser) 
  8. Raising the Profile of SALT Astronomy(C. Flanagan) 

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