Thursday, October 10, 2013

Night Log 2013-10-09

SA: Encarni
SO: Thea
Others: David dB, Hitesh, Francois, Tim.. and Lisa, Luke ALL NIGHT! Pierre for a quick visit.


Beatiful gray/dark clear night with 1.2" seeing, with some banks of clouds passing through as soon as we started HRS commissioning work during the second half of the night.

Science data for:
2013-1-UW-005 (P1)
2013-1-IUCAA-004 (P3)
2013-1-UNC_RSA_OTH-001 (P2)

And despite some technical issues and some perfectly timed pesky clouds, we also got some data through HRS for commissioning purposes. And Lisa declares HRS third light. Hurrah! :)

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