Friday, September 20, 2013

A Snowy Birthday

As forecast - the weather's really crapped out so we awoke to a slightly snowy Sutherland this morning.

The windswept plateau was a tad bleak.

& we ought to have a moment's silence for all the spring flowers that got frozen solid over-night :(

The SALT Environmental Display says it all...

Here's a video clip of our distinctive brand of snow - as always: blasting in horizontally from the west!

But the day was more about Luke reaching the ripe, almost old, age of 29 - Happy Birthday Luke!  & thanks to the hostel staff for the special cake + birthday card :)

There was a mass exodus down to town for a major steak dinner at Jupiter to mark this occasion.

 & yes - the steaks were major & quite thoroughly excellent...

Not to worry, Eddy's pizza + chips showed up not too long after all the sirloins appeared.

From Jupiter it was off to the Sutherland Hotel for a couple of drinks.  Thanks to Ingrid for taking such good care of us again!

The following pic serves merely to represent where things were heading by 11pm, one may extrapolate in order to appreciate what 2am looked like.

For those that may be wondering whatever happened to the blue CCD - Sigh.  There's good news & bad news...  The good news is that the focus gradient's slightly reduced, the bad news is that it's not gone!  So we need a new plan - watch this space.

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