Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

It's Easter time and all throughout the land people are thinking of rabbits and eggs and chocolate. Generally, such things are hard to find at SALT. We have no chickens on site to produce organic eggs for omelettes or meringue. What little chocolate may be around is quickly devoured to give the local Astronomers that 3 am kick to finish a long night. We do, however, seem to have rabbits. Like this little critter (left) that magically showed up in the SALT control room one day. Rumour has it this loveable fluffy bunny has been working very hard the last few weeks. We didn't quite catch its name, but we suspect it may have been the result of an unfortunate genetic mutation. You see, there are local rabbits around SALT, or rather "hares", and they do indeed possess cotton tails (below). Could this cotton mutation spread to the rest of their bodies? Surely, then, a yellow tummy, purple ears and eyebrows are also a distinct possibility! Such mutations must also affect their teeny brains, but as we're Astronomers and not biologists, I guess we'll never know...

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