Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Night Log 2012-04-02

SA: Tim
SO: Patrick
Others: karel klein and students, dave b


another beautiful clear night. things chugged along smoothly until the tracker failed shortly before midnight. turned out to be a failed clutch which prevented the X axis from slewing. we were able to salvage a couple more hours to do some closed-loop tracking tests, but the tracker failed in another way shortly after 03:00. hopefully the crew can sort the clutch issue out during the day because the forecast is good, weather-wise.

managed to get data for the following programs:

2011-3-RU-003 (good seeing, accepted)
2011-3-RSA_OTH-025 (accepted)
2011-3-POL-006 (partially accepted; didn't get full track)
2011-3-UW_OTH-003 (rejected due to tracker failure; only got standard star)

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