Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Semester 1 Call for Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that we are now accepting SALT Phase 1
proposals for the period 1 May - 31 Oct 2012 (2012 Semester 1). The
Phase 1 proposal deadline will be Friday 17 Feb at 18:00 SAST
(corresponding to 16:00 UTC). Please note that this proposal call is
for both SALTICAM and RSS, but with some modes (primarily MOS) still
on a "best efforts" basis (i.e. no guarantees regarding performance
or completion) or are not available at all (e.g. all polarimetric modes).

We have produced a comprehensive information document for all proposers
where we have attempted to update the current performance status of the
telescope and instruments. In addition the PIPT Simulation tools have
also been revised to reflect the current actual performance of the
instruments, as determined from commissioning and 2011 Semester 2
observations. Additional information and links to relevant webpages or
documents are also included to assist proposers in writing their Phase 1

The review process is due to be completed by 30 March, at which point
proposers will be informed of the results of their applications. Those
successful applicants will then have ~4 weeks to complete their detailed
Phase 2 proposals in time for the beginning of the Semester (deadline 27

Please submit your proposal via the SALT Principal Investigator Proposal
Tool (PIPT).  Instructions, software, and other information about
proposing for SALT can be found on the SALT website.

Call for Proposals, including link to information document:

Instructions for submitting your proposal:

Download the PIPT software:

All questions regarding this proposal call should be address to


David Buckley
SALT Astronomy Operations Manager on behalf of the SALT Astronomy
Operations Team

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