Thursday, September 1, 2011

Night Log 2011-08-31

SA: Lisa
SO: Patrick
Others: Anthony, Darragh, Eric, Francois, Hitesh, Nic, Jack


Sutherland bade Phil & Anne farewell today - in *fine* style we might add... Good luck to SAAO Cape Town as they attempt to top that tomorrow! A blog post featuring the day's action will follow soon ;)

Exciting target-of-opportunity longslit spectroscopy of an unusual X-ray transient in outburst, the Universe & SALT's way of saying "so long & thanks" to Phil

Successful first light for "Massively Disappointing Spectroscopy" mode 8)

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  1. That's great! *sigh* Well done Phil and Anne! It hasn't been easy, however great progress has been made under your watch. I hope they don't forget to take a picture of you to hang in the director's hall of fame. And I think it is about time the SAAO starts a director's spouse's hall of fame too.