Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick - he's getting away!!

The HRS has been delayed by 6 months, but it's still a good time to check that the Fibre Instrument Feed (FIF), the focal plane end of the instrument that will live up in the payload, fits in there as intended.  All the bits were sent up from CT & put together.

After all the changes that've been made to the payload, including the eventual integration of the ADC a few weeks ago (Yay!), it's not too surprising that various mods will need to be made to allow the FIF to go in properly.

Being up there in a relatively dark dome provided a great opportunity to test my new camera flash on the primary - It Works :D

Next up it was afternoon tea & time to bid farewell to Ken whose 3 month stay at SALT is over :(

What do you give a guy who has a spectrograph that can do just about anything?!  Well - a serious looking hat, of course!

So long Ken - you've done a great job & really earned your vacation!  Do come visit us again sometime :)

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