Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nightlog 2011-02-09

SA: David
SO: Patrick
Others: Chris & Keith for a spell


. Night lost to weather. Thunderstorms at sunset, then rain, high
humidity & cloud.

. Continuation of stray light tests with the autocollimator and track

. Could not get tracking with AC and needed to remove the
Mother-Of-All-Baffles in order to get closed loop control with the
throttled AC. Subsequent tracks all worked fine (tried all extreme

. Looks like the AC stray light has been beaten down to ~60 ADUs (~80e),
not quite the desired 50e, but maybe good enough? Ambient dome
straylight is at ~20 ADUs and there's clearly a few LEDs still (like
hexapods). Inside payload it looks like there only ~10 ADUs above dark.

. Cal Sys flat field pattern is still not centred on BCAM (x=422, y =
646). Might need to verify that the axis of illumination is
perpendicular to screen.


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